Pausing your subscription

If you need to pause your subscription, just pause all the active jobs in your account.

When you aren't hiring for a few months, pausing your jobs is the recommended option. It will make sure that all your data is kept in tact, so you can resume hiring whenever you want.

Cancelling your subscription

Looking to cancel your subscription? That is easy too.

  • Go to Settings > Account > Billing

  • if you have an active subscription, you will see a button that says Cancel Subscription. Just click that button and you're done.

Cancelling your account means:

  • your job board will become inactive immediately,

  • you can access your account, manage candidates, send emails, schedule emails, etc. till the end of your term,

  • after the end of your term, you will no longer have access to your account unless you reactivate,

  • 60 days from the end of your term, all your data inside enlist will be deleted.

You can reactivate your subscription even after you've cancelled anytime within those 60 days. After your data is deleted, it is not recoverable.

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