Inside enlist, there are three roles that you can assign to a user:

  • Administrator: An administrator can do everything other than manage billing for an account. They will have access to every job, they can invite anyone, and disable anyone's account.

  • Team member: A team member is a level below the administrator. They can access jobs that you assign them, create new jobs, schedule interviews, communicate with candidates, and manage things like email templates, forms, etc.

  • Reviewer: A reviewer is the most basic role in enlist. A reviewer can only see those applications that they have access to (for example, one they are interviewing for). They can also add their feedback. They cannot create interviews, send emails, or send questionnaires. They also cannot manage forms, email templates, or anyone else's account.

Other than these, there is a special role—the owner—that is assigned to the person who creates the account. They can do everything an administrator can. In addition to that, they can also manage billing.

You can assign any role—except owner—to anyone. You can also change roles when you want.

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