GDPR requires that you do not store personal data indefinitely. Inside enlist, you can delete applications anytime you want. Doing so will delete everything related to that application, including emails, notes, and any files they have submitted.

You can also anonymise inactive candidates' data automatically after a specified period. Here's how to enable that option.

  • Go to Settings > Account >  GDPR

  • Make sure you have toggled Enable GDPR features. If you have, you will find a section called Data Retention.

  • Under that section, you can choose a time period after which inactive data will be anonymised inside enlist.

  • Once done, click Save Changes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does an inactive application mean?
 When a job is closed, its applications in the rejected stage are considered inactive.

Is there a way to recover anonymised applications?
No, once anonymised, candidates' data is removed from enlist. It cannot be recovered.

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