What are email templates?
Learn what email templates are and how you can add them.
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Email templates allow you to save emails that you send frequently so you don't have to write them over and over again. Email templates also support placeholders so common things such as candidate name, job title, name of your business etc. are automatically substituted.

Here's how to add an email template:

  • Visit Settings > Email Templates

  • Click New Template on the top left. You will see a screen like this.

Fill in the details and click Create Template.


You can use placeholders within your email subject and content for information that will change depending on the candidate and the job. Those placeholders will be replaced with appropriate values when the emails are sent.

To insert a placeholder, click on Insert placeholder, then click on a placeholder from the dropdown list.


You can also add attachments to an email template. These will be attached with the email when it is sent.

To do so, when you're creating (or editing) an email template, click the Select file to attach link at the bottom.

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