enlist's search is simple and powerful. You can click the Search icon on the sidebar from anywhere and the search overlay will come up.

As you type, enlist will start searching your account for you. It looks for the words you type anywhere in the candidate's details: their name, e-mail, phone numbers, and any other details they may have entered. It also searches inside their resumes!

To filter the results further, you can click on the filter tags right below the search input. For example, to find candidates who have applied after November 10, you can click the "after" filter and enter the date.

 You can filter applications by:

  • the date before which they came in, e.g. all applications that came before Jan 1

  • the date after which they came in, e.g. all applications that came after Jan 1

  • the tags (or list of tags) they have, e.g. applications that have the tag "in-review" and "sourced"

  • the job they have applied to

Lastly, you can also combine these filters to get even more specific.

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