Creating a job is simple! Go to Create a job on the sidebar.

You will get to the job creator which will guide you step-by-step to create the job you want. Here are the steps:


On this step, you will be asked to enter the job title, its type, its category, its location, and other important things like the job description as well as the requirements.

You can create the job description as you like: with links, bullet points, formatted text, etc. You can also paste the job description from somewhere else.

Once you are done with this, click 'Go to the next step'.


Now we get to the most interesting part: the job pipeline.

Every company has its own processes. You are unique and your job pipeline is unique, too. enlist allows you to customise the job pipeline to suit your needs. You can add stages, actions to stages, and do as you like.

A well-defined job pipeline will make the hiring process just that much better. enlist also allows automation through actions, which is very powerful and saves a lot of time.

Application Form

Last, you can customise the application form that applicants see when they apply to this job. By default, every application form asks for:

  • the candidate's name

  • the candidate's email

  • the candidate's phone number

  • the candidate's resume

You can ask for anything else. You can also mark some questions as required; the candidate will have to answer all of those questions before they submit their application. Once they do, their answers will be shown to you in the application.

All done? Click 'Go to the next step'.

We're all done here. You can now activate the job. The job won't show on your job board until you make it active.

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