When you create an account, enlist creates a careers site for you. It's the place where all your active jobs show up and where candidates can apply.

Customising your careers site

enlist comes with a simple careers site out of the box that works on both the desktop and mobile. It's easy to customise it to match your colors and branding. You can also host it on your own domain, add your logo, and add your website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts!

To customise your careers site, follow these steps:

First, find Settings on the sidebar and go to Job Board. You will see a page something like this:

There are three sections here: the header, the description, and the footer. Let's see how to customise each of them:

Styling the header

Your job board's header is the first thing you can customize. Add your own logo, add your company's name, and change the colors.

To do so, take your mouse over the header section. An 'Edit Header' button will come up. Click that. Choose a logo, change the colors, and you're done.

Changing the description

The description is where you talk about your company, your culture, and what a candidate can expect.

Just like header, you take your mouse over description, click 'Edit Description', and change the details. You can use rich text in the description.

Adding your links

Last but not the least, you can customise what shows up on the footer.

It's the same process again. Take your mouse over footer, click 'Edit Footer', and add your links. That's it.


I am not seeing any jobs on my careers site. Why?

It's likely because you don't have any active jobs yet. Find how to activate a job.

I need more customisation. How can I do that?

enlist is pretty flexible as far as job boards are concerned. Besides the customisation options above, you can also:

I need to host the job board on my own domain. How can I do that?

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