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Find what needs your attention with notifications
Find what needs your attention with notifications
Get notified when you are mentioned in a note, when someone responds to an email you send, and more.
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When you're hiring actively, it's difficult to keep track of all the things that are going on. It can be difficult to find what truly needs your attention.

enlist can help! It will find things that need your attention and tell you about it. For example, when you get mentioned in a note, receive an email, get a feedback request, or anything else that needs your attention, you will get a notification. Here's how it looks:

Here's all that it can help you find:

  • New Applications: all the applications—across all jobs—that you haven't seen yet.

  • Mentions in notes: Notes in which you were mentioned.

  • E-mails sent to you: replies from the candidates that you have e-mailed.

  • Feedback Pending: any interviews whose feedback you need to complete.

  • Interviews that you need to schedule: unscheduled Interviews for candidates in an interview stage.

  • Feedback completed: feedback completed by interviewers for interviews that they were a part of.

  • Questionnaires completed: questionnaires that you sent to candidates that have been completed

You can view the application, respond to the activity, or mark it read.

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