enlist can post notifications directly to a Slack channel when:

  • a candidate applies to your job (through your job board, email, or an external integration)

  • a candidate submits a questionnaire

  • a reviewer submits their feedback

Here's how to start posting notifications to a Slack channel:

  • Go to the job for which you want to post notifications in Slack

  • Go to the Job Setup tab

  • Go to Notifications > Slack

  • Press the Add to Slack button

  • You will be taken to Slack. Choose a channel you want to post to.

That's it! You will see a confirmation that your integration is active and you will now receive notifications inside that Slack channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up all my jobs to send notifications to the same Slack channel?
Yes, but to do so, you will have to follow the process outlined above for each job you want. Unless your account has very little activity, we recommend having a separate channel for each job so that hiring teams aren't overwhelmed by unrelated notifications from other jobs.

Can I get notifications for other events (emails, notes) in Slack too?
Yes! Right now, this is a beta feature, so we're looking for your feedback on anything that could be improved. If you think more notifications will be helpful, just drop us a message.

Can I stop posting notifications from a job to Slack?
Yes. Once you have set up notifications for Slack, you will see a button to stop posting to Slack. Just click that and you're done!

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