When you schedule, update, or cancel interviews inside enlist, you can sync them directly to your Google Calendar. To do so, you need to connect your Google Calendar to enlist.

Here's how to get started:

  • Find a section named Google Calendar and click the "Connect Google Calendar" button.

  • You will be taken to Google to complete the integration. You will be able to review the permissions required for this integration (ability to view calendars and the ability to create, update, and delete events).

  • Once done, you'll be back to enlist where you will see a list of the calendars available on your account. You will need to choose the calendar that you want to synchronise your events to.

… and that's it. Now as you schedule, reschedule, or cancel interviews, they will automatically update in the calendar you selected without any extra work on your part.

When you have a Google Calendar set up, interview invites are sent from your calendar instead of enlist, so you will be able to see when interviewers accept (or reject) an invite, and any updates you make will automatically be synced to the interviewers calendars too.


I have multiple calendars. Which one should I select?

You can create a separate calendar for your interviews. With a separate calendar that you own, you can easily see all your interviews on one calendar, and you're able to reschedule or cancel interviews that are automatically synced to that calendar too!

Do I get notified when an interviewer accepts or declines an invite?

Yes, you do! The invites are sent from your calendar and interviewers are RSVP'd. When they accept or reject an invitation, you will get an email (and the calendar will update automatically too).

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